Apple iPad – Review 2023

Apple continues to sell the ninth-generation iPad for $329, which is a lot more tolerable and accessible price for the many people who are only searching for a basic iPad to do basic iPad tasks. This suggests that Apple is aware of the problem.

This puts the iPad in an odd position since, although it is undoubtedly superior to the ninth-generation model (which is still fantastic), it is also significantly more expensive and less effective than an iPad Air. This new iPad is not the iPad to buy right now despite the fact that it has a lot going for it, as you can easily find a current iPad Air on sale at this time.

Appearing the role

The squared-off, even-bezel, home button-less design Apple debuted on the iPad Pro back in 2018 is now available at a price point under $500 thanks to the 10th-generation iPad. With the same size display and chassis measurements that are within one millimeter of the Air in every dimension, it is very nearly a carbon copy of the most recent two iPad Air versions. But, because to the difference in millimeters, it is not possible to switch between the Air and the new iPad and use perfectly fitting cases on both devices.

Although the redesigned design is far more contemporary than the ninth-generation iPad, it doesn’t look particularly new because we’ve seen variations of it on previous iPad models for the past four years. Simply put, it resembles an iPad.

But, there is good news regarding the camera: in a long overdue update, Apple has integrated the front-facing camera into the bezel along the long edge of the screen, making it much simpler to use it for video chats when held in landscape configuration. It’s interesting that this is the first iPad with a front camera that is really in the appropriate place, but it’s likely that future updates to other iPad models will have this modification (albeit oddly not for the iPad Pro M2 this year). Although the camera itself is fine, utilizing it for video calls from a desk is considerably less unpleasant thanks to the better placement. Although it still supports Apple’s self-centering Center Stage feature, there is no reason to use it now that the camera is positioned correctly. For the bulk of the video conferences I held on the iPad, I turned it off.

Performance Boost

It’s good to know that Apple has improved practically everything on this small slate.

The 10th generation iPad’s A13 Bionic CPU is replaced by the A14 Bionic, which is a generational leap. Even though it has only advanced one generation, it is still superior to the M1 chip found in the iPad Air and the M2 processor found in the iPad Pro. With two performance cores and four efficiency cores, the A13 and A14 are both six-core processors. Moreover, both have four-core GPUs. The A14 surpasses the A13 because to the Neural Engine’s doubled core count, going from eight to sixteen. The iPad contains 4GB of Memory, which is less than the iPad Air’s 8GB and the iPad Pro’s (up to) 16GB combined. The performance advantages from a minor CPU upgrade are still negligible. Benchmarks show how this works.

The base iPad has more real-world power than the majority of users will ever require. Every program and game I tried on the tablet ran smoothly. Heavy-duty creativity tools like GarageBand and iMovie operate without a hitch, and even programs like Adobe Lightroom that demand a speedy internet connection functioned faultlessly. When it comes to basic productivity using Google Documents, Outlook email, Slack, and other work apps, it is also capable. You’ll be ecstatic with how well the iPad performs if you only want to use it for web browsing, light gaming, and the occasional YouTube video.

The 2022 iPad has a significant wireless boost, which is a positive. Initially, Apple replaced the 9th-generation model’s Wi-Fi 5 radio with a Wi-Fi 6 radio. This significantly improves wireless performance. You’ll notice a nice speed increase as long as your home or place of employment has the proper Wi-Fi equipment. In our tests, the iPad achieved peak download speeds of 637Mbps and upload speeds of 287Mbps when placed close to a Wi-Fi 6 access point. When tested at the edge of the Wi-Fi network, the speeds decreased to 29Mbps down and 19Mbps up, but that is still fast enough to maintain a video connection.

Where Can I Get Better Batteries?

Battery life is one area where Apple hasn’t made major advancements. In actuality, during the course of the tablet’s 12-year existence, iPad battery life has stayed startlingly constant. Apple claims that using Wi-Fi to browse the web or view videos would result in a battery life of 10 hours, while using cellular data will result in a battery life of 9 hours. Even though 10 hours officially satisfies the definition of a full workday and is more than enough to get you through most flights, there is room for improvement.

The Modern Age of Cameras

We shouldn’t any longer dismiss tablet cameras out of hand, at least if you’re shooting with an iPad. I’m quite sure nobody takes tablet cameras that seriously. The camera situation is vastly improved by the 10th generation iPad.

From an 8MP camera with an f/2.4 aperture on the iPad 2021 to a 12MP camera with an f/1.8 aperture in the 2022 edition. This results in overall brighter, clearer, and sharper photos. Also, Apple has improved Smart HDR 3, its HDR processing, which better integrates multiple exposures into a single shot for more even results. Although the photos I took with the new iPad may have been a little too sharp, the clarity and color are good. The entry-level iPad can now switch from recording videos in 1080p to 4K at various frame rates thanks to this new sensor. The brief movies I took are incredibly well done. The camera on the iPad is superior to that of many budget cellphones.


Almost every feature of Apple’s entry-level iPad has been enhanced. The enhanced processor is speedier, the screen is excellent, the updated design is appealing, and the new camera setup results in better images and more natural video conversations. The tablet now has real stereo sound, wireless performance is faster overall, and with Apple’s accessories, it can be used as a mobile workstation.

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