Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw Printer Review In 2023 From A To Z

The Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw is a multifunction color laser printer ideal for home and small offices. It is compatible with the high-yield 055 ‘H’ toner cartridges. USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet are among its connectivity choices, and it supports NFC and USB flash drives. It features a five-inch color touchscreen display and an ADF-equipped scanner with extended lid hinges, single-pass duplex scanning, and optical character recognition. This laser printer is a member of Canon’s imageCLASS MF740 and MF640 series, which consists of numerous variants with slightly varied features and general performance. Further information is available in the section titled Variations Between Variants.

1. Design

The Canon MF743Cdw has an excellent build quality. It is composed entirely of plastic that feels robust and sturdy. The design is particularly user-friendly, as the toner cartridges and paper jams are easily accessible, and the power cord is easily replaceable if it becomes damaged. The input tray contains adjustable sliders to accept various paper sizes, and the scanner lid’s hinges may be extended to handle heavier materials such as books and manuals. Moreover, the scanner lid remains open automatically.
The Canon MF743Cdw is enormous and cumbersome. Moreover, the right-side display protrudes, preventing the printer from being flush against a wall on this side. This printer is extremely low-maintenance. In contrast to inkjet printers, there is no risk of clogging if the printer is not used for an extended period. In addition, the toner cartridges are durable, so you will not need to replace them frequently. Auto Adjust Gradation, Correct Print Color Mismatch, Black Text Processing for Color, and Change Print Position are a few of the built-in features used to remedy print quality concerns. Clean Feeder, Clean Fixing Assembly, Control Condensation, and Clean ITB are all maintenance duties (transfer belt). The toner cartridges can be accessed by opening the front cover and taking out the drawer. Via a big panel on the back of the printer or by removing the input trays, paper jams can be cleared. The input trays may handle a total of 300 sheets of paper (main tray plus multipurpose tray).
The display is remarkable. It has an extremely large touchscreen with physical buttons on either side for access to many functions. The interface is responsive to touch instructions, and the display is touch-sensitive. The sole disadvantage is that it may be difficult to see under bright ambient lighting conditions.

Variants of the Canon MF741Cdw, MF644Cdw, MF642Cdw, and MF641Cw lack an NFC module on the right side of the display.
The toner cartridges of the Canon MF743Cdw produce a huge number of pages, therefore you will not need to replace them frequently unless you print frequently. In addition, each cartridge has a drum unit, so there is no need to replace the drum separately, which simplifies maintenance. The printer accepts third-party cartridges, but the chip from the Canon toner must be transferred to the third-party cartridges for them to function.

2. Document

The Canon MF743Cdw excels in printing black and white documents. The paperwork are pristine, with all the minute details present. Normal for most printers, the only thing that does not come through properly is the conversion of the color yellow.
The Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw prints swiftly; nevertheless, it requires some time to wake up from a sleep state. The Canon MF746Cdw, MF745Cdw, and MF741Cdw are comparable in performance. With an advertised print speed of 22 black or color pages per minute, the Canon MF644Cdw and MF642Cdw are slightly slower. The Canon MF641Cw is capable of printing 18 pages per minute in black or color, but does not allow duplex printing.

The input tray capacity of 300 sheets includes the 250-sheet main tray and the 50-sheet multipurpose tray. The Canon MF644Cdw, MF642Cdw, and MF641Cw share the same 250-sheet main tray, but include a 1-sheet manual feeder instead of a multi-purpose tray. Optional 550-sheet trays are available for the Canon MF746Cdw, MF745Cdw, MF743Cdw, and MF741Cdw, bringing the maximum input tray capacity to 850 sheets. The output tray may accommodate up to 75 sheets of plain paper.

3. Photo

The Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw’s color gamut is limited. It is incapable of producing vivid, saturated hues. It also suffers with softer red and blue tones, as well as darker green and yellow tones.
The color accuracy is adequate for a color laser printer, but the graininess and loss of detail in printed photographs is typical of laser printers.
This printer is incompatible with glossy paper. It only prints on uncoated, recyclable, and plain papers, along with labels and envelopes.
This printer is unable to produce fine details. The low resolution and printing pattern result in the loss of delicate details.

All View

The Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw is an exceptional printer for home and small businesses. With to its high-yield toner cartridges and big input trays, it produces crisp documents, prints swiftly, and requires less maintenance. The scanner is equipped with an automatic feeder and single-pass duplex scanning, however it is quite sluggish, processing only five sheets per minute. Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet are among its many connectivity choices, making it simple for everyone in the company to use.

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