Canon PIXMA TR4720/TR4722 Printer Review From A To Z In 2023

The Canon PIXMA TR4720/TR4722 is an affordable home all-in-one printer. It works with Canon’s PG-275 Black and CL-276 Tri-color ink cartridges. It has a two-cartridge system. The scanner has an automatic feeder but doesn’t support duplex scanning. It can connect via USB and Wi-Fi and works with Apple AirPrint, Morpia Print Service, and Canon’s mobile app. This printer is part of Canon’s PIXMA TR4700 series of all-in-ones. All versions have the same features and work the same way. The model number only changes based on where the printer is sold, who sells it, and what color it is.

1. Design

The build quality is sub-par. It’s made entirely of plastic, and some parts, like the hinges on the output tray and scanner lid, feel like they could break easily. The paper input tray can’t hold many sheets and isn’t removable, and if you want to store paper in the printer, you need to keep both the input and output trays open. If you need to change the cartridge in the middle of printing, the output tray could get in the way and make it hard to change the cartridge. On the bright side, the cable is detachable for easy replacement in case it gets damaged, and the cartridges have an easy-clip system that makes them easy to replace.

The Canon PIXMA TR4720 and Canon PIXMA TR4722 need a lot of care. Like most inkjet printers, if the printheads aren’t used for a long time, they can get clogged. If the printer gets clogged or the quality of the prints gets worse, you can check the printhead nozzles, clean, deep clean, and align the printer. If you see smudges, there are also ways to clean the sheet roller and the bottom plate. The cartridges run out of ink very quickly, so you have to change them often. To do this, you must first open the printer’s input and output trays and then open the front door. But you can’t open this door all the way if there is paper in the tray.

In case of a paper jam, you can open the ink cartridge door and move the cartridge holder out of the way to get to the sheet rollers. You could also turn the printer on its right side and pinch two tabs to open the back cover. This would let you get to paper jams near the back. Lifting the button control panel gives you access to any jammed paper in the automatic document feeder.
The screen is not good. It is a 2-line LCD that can’t be tilted or swiveled, so you have to stand up and look down at the screen to read the text correctly. It’s also hard to figure out how to use the printer.

2. Document

For black-and-white documents, the print quality is great. The text is easy to read and has most of the small details. But there are vertical lines and bands that are easy to see in areas with color.
The print quality for color documents is excellent. The words are clear, and the colors are bright without being too bright. Smaller details are there, like the lines in the graph, but they are a little hard to see.
The cost-per-print is high. Even though the replacement cartridges don’t cost much, they don’t print very many pages. There are XL-size replacement cartridges that help keep the cost per print down. Check out the Epson Expression Home XP-4200 if you want a similar printer that costs less per print.

This printer is compatible with the Canon Auto Replenishment Service and the PIXMA Print Plan. The PIXMA Print Plan is a standard subscription service that lets you print a set number of pages per month in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. More expensive tiers let you print more pages. Setting up the printer with the Auto Replenishment Service, on the other hand, will send you replacement cartridges when the printer notices that it is running low on ink. Even though the cartridges have to be paid for, shipping is free.

3. Photo

The color gamut of the Canon TR4720/Canon TR4722 is good. Colors fade well to white and black, and blacks don’t have a very red tint like most other printers in this price range. There is no banding between the colors, so gradients in photos will look natural. Unfortunately, you can’t see the zig-zag line in the light blues and greens, so the printer has a hard time getting those bright colors right.
This printer is great at making tiny things. In the sample photo, it’s easy to see the general shape of the Tokyo Tower and even the metal bars at the top. But the use of halftones means that some details are lost (dots).

4. Moblie apps and networkings

The Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app can be used with this printer. Here, you can print, scan, and copy right from your phone, and you don’t even need a subscription to order ink. There is integration with the cloud, so you can print photos from the cloud and scan and save to the cloud instead of saving locally.

All View

The Canon PIXMA TR4720 is a good printer for a small family. It prints photos with great quality, colors that look bright and pretty accurate, and very good black tones. There’s also a flatbed scanner with hinges that raise the lid slightly and an automatic document feeder. The cost per print is too high, and you can’t print directly from an external storage device.


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