Earfun Air S Full Review of 2023: Great Multipoint Earbuds On A Budget

Earfun is gradually but surely establishing a reputation for offering high-quality earbuds at an affordable price. Whilst it’s doubtful that you’ll think of the oddly called brand initially when purchasing earphones, that should eventually alter.

These wireless earbuds, the Earfun Air S, expand on the popularity of the Earfun Air, which are being offered at a significant discount. Although none of them can completely compete with the greatest true wireless earbuds, the Earfun Air S nevertheless has certain essential features that were previously only found in more expensive options.

Once more, these resemble Apple AirPods. They feel a little less expensive in your hands (because they are), yet they fit your ears with no problem at all. Although you receive wireless charging from the large charging case to keep you stable, battery life is about on par with the Apple AirPods but no better.


The cheaper AirPods feel a lot like the Earfun Air S. They feel less smooth in your fingertips and are more plasticky, but at first appearance they resemble Apple’s earphones.

Most significantly, they fit your ears well and stay snug even while you’re moving quickly thanks to the variety of eartips available.

EarFun Air S review: good, cheap earbuds with tons of features | Digital Trends

The touch controls are located at the top of each stalk, where the larger rounded section is, in classic Earfun fashion (for examples, check the Earfun Air and Earfun Air Pro). The companion app allows you to customize the touch controls, which are responsive and quick to react.

While being quite large, the charging case fits into all but the tiniest pockets. You have access to the most modern charging choices thanks to USB-C and wireless charging capability. For a complete charge, both ways are a tad on the slow side, but 10 minutes will give you back around two hours of gaming.

We never noticed any dropouts thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility, which also gives you access to the SBC, AAC, and aptX codecs. We had some walls between us and our phone, yet the music continued to play. Moreover, the earbuds include multipoint capability, allowing you to link them with two devices at once.

Sound quality and noise cancellation with EARFUN AIR S

When it comes to how well they sound, the Earfun Air S is an album of two parts. For the price, the ANC is extremely effective. Being too near to a big fan wasn’t a problem because we still couldn’t hear it blowing, and other background noises like ambient music and conversation were similarly muffled.

A big time saver if you need to have a fast conversation with someone is switching to the transparency mode, which is also a success.

Nevertheless, the Earfun Air S struggles when used just for listening to music. The soundstage is somewhat limited and uninspiring, and this pattern persists throughout the whole album. Even while listening to bass-driven music like Muse’s Hysteria, the bass is generally poor.

EarFun Air S レビュー|コスパ最強すぎる!7000円以下でマルチポイントにも対応した全部入りイヤホン | カジェログ

In the end, everything is a little confusing, and while everything seems reasonable, it never goes above that. For example, using the Earfun Air S makes it difficult to hear the details in Under Pressure. Power and accuracy are absent from an orchestral track like anything from Holst’s The Planets.

You won’t be fully enjoying listening to the Earfun Air S during your downtime, but it’s not the end of the world for a casual listen as you stroll. We’re stating that these earphones aren’t the best for prolonged listening sessions.

Adjusting the equalization in the companion app helps a little, but it’s not really significant.


It would be unfair to criticize the Earfun Air S too harshly given its pricing, but we can’t help but think about how inexpensive the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus is right now.

Given that the Cambridge buds lack active noise cancellation (ANC), the Earfun Air S are a respectable set of earbuds provided you’re willing to make some concessions.


The active noise cancellation of the Earfun Air S is its strongest feature. If you detest being interrupted, it may make a significant difference and works rather well given the price.

You want imitation AirPods.

If appearances are crucial, the Earfun Air S will work as long as you don’t show people the case because they resemble black AirPods.

You appreciate many characteristics

The Earfun Air S offers a little bit of everything done quite well, albeit they don’t exactly master everything.

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