Fusion5 Review: Form A to Z

When discussing laptops, we frequently bring up well-known, well-respected manufacturers like Apple, Dell, and Lenovo. Most of the time, it’s advisable to stay with these well-known brands because you’ll get a more dependable laptop and better customer support.

Yet in some cases, it might be worthwhile to seek beyond the top laptop manufacturers for your laptop. The Fusion 5 laptop, which isn’t highly recognized but is nevertheless rather popular among users, is one example of this. It was initially released in 2017, therefore the fact that it is still being discussed now is only positive.

So is the Fusion 5 laptop any good, or should you shop around for a laptop instead? It must have done something well because it was listed among our picks for the best laptops under $300. Let’s take a closer look at the Fusion 5.

Fusion 5 Laptop Review

The Fusion brand, which sprang out of nowhere, has gained some notoriety for its low-cost Windows and Android devices.

These laptops are often made for casual web browsing, although Windows 10 is still compatible with them. Despite being significantly less expensive, you may use them in the same way as you can with any laptop, computer, or Notebook.

The company is best known for their tablets, which are regarded as a secure purchase at an affordable price. But for now, let’s continue with the Fusion5 laptop and examine each of its components separately.


I’ll be really honest here and state that the laptop’s design isn’t going to win any beauty contests any time soon. It has a similar appearance and feel to an old Dell laptop, and it is also rather clumsy and heavy.

The Fusion 5 contains many of the features you would expect from high-end laptops, which is a plus. This indicates that it has an inbuilt webcam, a decent display, and Bluetooth.

In relation to the display, this model has a size of 14.1 inches (you can get Fusion notebooks with a smaller screen size out there). The Fusion 5 proves you can get a full laptop experience for a fair price despite the fact that you might typically expect more of an 11.6 inch Notebook size at this price.

Typically, you can’t get much for this kind of money. For what it’s worth, the 1080p display is actually rather excellent, and the LCD panel incorporates IPS technology as well. This results in less glare and better viewing from various angles. Fusion5 14.1inch A90B+ Pro 64GB Windows 10 Laptop - 4GB RAM,  64GB Storage, Full HD IPS, Bluetooth, 2MP Webcam, Dual Band WiFi Laptop :  Electronics

If you need to attend weekly Skype meetings, this inexpensive option is a nice one because it also features a 2MP camera embedded into the top of your display. The internal components of this laptop are actually rather good for the price, which is one of its benefits.


The Intel AtomTM x5-Z8350 processor, one of Intel’s older quad-core processors, and 4GB of installed Memory are both included with this laptop. It offers exceptional value for the money because it is renowned for being among the top processors at the lower end of the market.

For very casual users, 4GB will likely be sufficient, but it will struggle if you have multiple programs running at once. Yet given that a quad-core CPU on this kind of budget is more common than not, the Intel quad-core processor is particularly outstanding.


To be fair to this laptop, it has 64GB of eMMC storage, which is the maximum you can get for a device of its price. It’s actually quite reasonable considering that you rarely find laptops with SSD storage for this price.

You won’t need a laptop with a lot of storage space these days since many people store the majority of their papers in the cloud. If you can get the most out of your free Google Drive account, you might not even need to worry about purchasing additional storage space in the future.


I could do without this component of the laptop; it could be a little better. Even on a budget laptop, a nice trackpad may be made for a reasonable price. The quality of this trackpad isn’t the best, and it’s also a touch undersized.

You might also use this laptop in conjunction with a budget mouse for optimal utilization. This way, you won’t have to worry about the touchpad not being up to par and can take benefit of the device’s high-quality display.

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If you don’t have high expectations for this laptop’s performance, it actually performs quite well. On this gadget, you may effortlessly browse the internet or watch YouTube videos without any problems.

The only time running out of power becomes an issue is when you have a lot of tabs open at once. Any cheap laptop will have this problem, though, and there isn’t a workaround unless you’re prepared to stretch your budget.


Overall, this laptop is about what you would anticipate for something at this budget. It performs below averagely when compared to most laptops on the market, but it has enough power and a passable screen (matched with awful speakers).

It’s probably not a horrible decision, though, compared to other laptops in the same price range. If you’re shopping for a new model, you might want to take it into consideration.

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