HP DeskJet 3755 Printer Review In 2023 From A To Z

The HP DeskJet 3755/3772 is an inexpensive inkjet multifunction printer. It utilizes a two-cartridge system consisting of one black and one tricolor cartridge, and is compatible with the HP 65 and 65XL ink cartridges. It supports Apple AirPrint and Morpia Print Service and is compatible with HP’s Smart mobile software. It only has a sheetfed scanner and doesn’t allow automatic duplex scanning or duplex printing.

This printer belongs to the HP DeskJet 3700 family of all-in-one printers, of which there are numerous versions. All variants are identical in terms of features and performance; only the model number varies by location and reseller. You can view all versions in the section titled Differences Between Variants.

1. Design

The build quality is sufficient. It is a small, lightweight printer with a plastic construction, and the output tray is thin and flimsy. In addition, the input tray at the back of the printer might become stuck when inserted back into the machine, and it does not automatically recognize the size of the paper when it is placed there. The printer sometimes senses that the front panel door is open, even though it is closed properly, requiring you to play with it after replacing the cartridges or clearing a paper jam in order to get it to function again.

The HP DeskJet 3755 and all its variations are extremely small and compact. Even though it contains a sheetfed scanner, the Brother HL-L2370DW is smaller than many other printer-only alternatives. It will fit without difficulty on your working desk or in your dorm room. Check out the HP OfficeJet 250 or the Canon PIXMA TR150 if you’re looking for something more portable with a rechargeable battery.

This printer requires routine inkjet maintenance in order to function effectively. There are built-in chores such as printhead cleaning and alignments to assist with this. The sheet rollers are easily accessible by lowering the front panel with the HP logo, allowing you to rapidly clear paper jams or clean the rollers if they become soiled. You may quickly install the cartridges by clicking them into position; all you need to do is turn on the printer. However, the page yields are somewhat low, thus you will need to replace the cartridges frequently. In addition, since the input tray can only contain sixty pages, you will need to regularly replenish it.

This printer’s display is poor and severely constrained, displaying only rudimentary status indicators. When you’re immediately in front of it, it’s easy to see, but when you’re seated or seeing it from the side, it becomes considerably more difficult. There are eight physical buttons surrounding the display, including start/stop, print tasks, Wi-Fi on/off, Wi-Fi Direct, color/black copy, and information/status. If you press the information/status button, the actual setup guide is printed out rather than displayed on the screen. Check out the HP ENVY Photo 6255 if you have a bit more room on your desk and are seeking for a printer with a better display.

The HP DeskJet 3755 and all of its variations only have a sheetfed scanner, therefore you cannot scan fragile or big materials. In addition, you cannot scan more than one page at a time, so scanning a stack of paper will be time-consuming. Check out the Epson Expression Home XP-4100 and the HP DeskJet 2755 if you require a printer with a flatbed scanner.

The default resolution of the scanner is 75 DPI, which causes text to appear extremely fuzzy and makes small writing practically impossible to read. But, the quality can be enhanced by increasing the resolution to its maximum of 600 DPI. Even when the sheets are properly oriented in the feeder, it is possible for the scans to be skewed. It may take multiple attempts to achieve the desired outcome (it took us four tries to get the scanned image above).

2. Document

Good print quality for black and white papers. Text is distinct, and most smaller details are present, but colored areas appear particularly grainy. It also has difficulty converting yellow to grayscale, although this is typical for printers.

This printer takes a while to setup and produces papers and photographs quite slowly. Moreover, there is no automatic duplex printing, so you must manually flip each page when printing double-sided documents. If you require a printer capable of duplex printing, consider the HP ENVY 5055.

3. Photo

The HP 3755 and all of its versions feature respectable color accuracy. The colors are somewhat oversaturated, particularly the blues and purples. If you require colors to look exactly like the originals for a photographic project or to print logos correctly, you might consider a professional printer such as the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300.

This printer reproduces fine details really well. It loses most of its detail because of the halftones (dot effect). They soften the edges of objects and diminish the visibility of distant objects.

All View

For home use, the HP DeskJet 3755 is poor. It connects through Wi-Fi or USB and supports Apple AirPrint and Morpia Print Service, making it accessible to all members of the household. Unfortunately, its ink cartridges deplete rapidly, leading in increased maintenance and operating expenses over time. It also prints quite slowly, so you may have to wait if numerous people are using the printer, and there is no flatbed scanner for scanning fragile goods.

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