Microsoft Surface 3 Review: Form A to Z

Thinner, lighter and with a larger screen, since its launch, Surface 3 has received a lot of attention from users. Of course, when a machine is released, there will be very different reviews.

1. Strong “reforms” compared to Surface 2 juniors

When evaluating Surface 3 compared to Microsoft’s predecessor, Surface 2, people will easily recognize the relatively unexpected improvements of this product. What exactly are those impressive reforms?

Design Reviews

The design of Surface 3 is more complete and impressive than Surface 2. The weight of the device is only 622 grams and is designed entirely from aluminum + magnesium metal materials. 

The thickness of Surface 3 is also relatively impressive at only 8.7mm. However, the device is still fully equipped with connectivity devices such as a USB port, a micro USB port and a mini-display port. Especially, it can be erected in many different positions and angles thanks to the detachable keyboard.

Screen review

Surface 3 is equipped with an impressive screen with a size of up to 10.8 inches. This screen has a standard resolution of 1920×1280 pixels with a pixel density that can reach 214 ppi. Therefore, this screen can serve all the work or entertainment needs of the user.

Surface 3 is equipped with an impressive screen

Surface 3 is equipped with an impressive screen

Review of processor and memory

Compared to the Core i3 chip of the Surface Pro 3, the equipped Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor makes the Surface 3’s performance only 80%. Surface 3 will also officially apply Windows 10 operating system and internal memory options from 64 GB to 128 GB. Depending on the needs of use, users can also choose RAM with a capacity of 2GB or 4GB.

Review of interface and features

Surface 3’s interface is the interface of Windows 10 that is completely different from Windows 8.1 used on Surface 2. And compared to the functions found in Surface 2, the function of this machine is also more complete. The hardware is not optimized to run games, graphics applications or editing software, but can still be used at a basic level.

Surface 3 with modern camera

Compared to the normal needs of users for a tablet, the 8MP main camera or the 3.5MP secondary camera that Microsoft has equipped for Surface 3 is more than enough.

The camera that Microsoft has equipped for Surface 3 is very modern

The camera that Microsoft has equipped for Surface 3 is very modern

2. Surface 3 design overview – Thinner and lighter

When evaluating Surface 3, people are really impressed with its slim and compact design. What makes Surface 3’s design different?

Screen is optimized

But Surface 3 has brought a positive change from the screen. For Surface 3, Microsoft has reduced the area of ​​​​the screen a bit. Instead of 12 inches like Surface Pro 3, the screen of the machine is only 10.8 inches but still enough to optimize the visual experience.

Remove the heatsinks

The use of Intel Atom chip is considered a right decision by Microsoft in designing Surface 3. Because this new chip helps the machine operate stably without the need for a cooling fan, the body will be thinner. . Of course, the machine also no longer has heat sinks on the body like previous versions.

Luxurious material

The peculiarity of Surface series computers is that they are aluminum + magnesium alloy shells, so they are usually very light. But the most important thing is that these products offer a sense of sophistication and versatility.

The material that makes up surface 3 brings a sense of sophistication and luxury

The material that makes up the Surface 3 feels sophisticated and luxurious

The stand with a smart design can be used with many different positions and angles but without the need for a Dock. This also makes the machine look significantly more compact.

Compact detachable keyboard design

This 3rd generation keyboard can be fitted to the body of the machine with just a magnet. The keyboard has been made thinner than before to reduce the weight of the machine while maintaining the typing experience.

The Touchpad area of ​​the device has also been expanded than before to create a higher sensitivity than previous Type Cover versions.

3. Powerful configuration, Windows RT disappears

Configuration of Surface 3 is quite powerful with Full HD resolution (1920×1080). The machine is equipped with a quad-core Intel Atom x7 processor combined with options for RAM from 2GB up to 4GB. In the Surface 2 version, Microsoft has used ARM-based chips to be able to bring high mobility. 

However, this leads to the computer incompatibility with files ending in .exe. But the improved processor chip on Surface 3 will bring greater compatibility and convenience to users.

The most noticeable point when evaluating Surface 3 is to completely remove the Windows RT operating system. Currently Surface 3 is using Windows 10 operating system and proves Microsoft is right when developing so.

Surface 3 has completely removed the Windows RT operating system

Surface 3 has completely removed the Windows RT operating system

Of course, users do not need to use applications designed specifically for Windows RT anymore, but can use any application designed to run on the Windows operating system.

4. Professional evaluations of Laptopvang Engineering

In fact, the Surface 3 is still controversial. The machine was launched just 1 month after Surface Pro 3 hit the market, bringing new experiences to users. If you are still wondering whether to buy this machine or not, you can refer to the Surface 3 reviews below.

  • Mr. Long: “In my opinion, this is a very good laptop from Microsoft, if you put it on the balance between finance and performance, Surface 3 might be the laptop you should choose or consider.”
  • Anh Duong: “In the price range of less than 20 million, Surface 3 is a desirable tablet. Models like the Asus UX305 really deserve attention and consideration. But in terms of flexibility and design, it really can’t compare to the Surface 3.”
  • Anh Minh: “Surface 3 is really a good replacement for a laptop. Its functions are almost on par with laptops, but it is compact and does not cause any inconvenience. If you don’t really often play high-capacity games or design software, you can consider buying this machine.”

Surface 3 can replace the laptop screen quite well

Surface 3 can be a pretty good replacement for a laptop


The article has basically evaluated Surface 3 in detail and specifically. Perhaps this information has partly helped you to have certain knowledge about the computer from the Microsoft brand.

Out there, there are still different opinions about this machine as well as the success or failure of Microsoft. However, this machine is still a machine worth considering and choosing to use!

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