Review HP DeskJet 2755 :This Bargain Multifunction Printer Delivers Good Prints With No Frills

The HP DeskJet 2755e provides high picture quality and average performance, and is a decent choice for those who don’t mind minimal software and are willing to sign up for an ink subscription plan to keep ink prices low.

1. Design

The dimensions of the DeskJet 2755e are 16.7 by 12 by 6 inches. To lift the scanner lid and input paper tray support, as well as to swing out the output tray support, you’ll need additional vertical clearance. Considering that it weighs only 7.5 pounds, it is transportable due to its little size.

The paper input tray is located at the rear. The paper is vertically oriented, and a support is raised to hold it in place. The output tray slides out from the front base of the machine. To properly support completed prints, you can extend a catch from the output tray’s interior.
Left of the scanner glass on the top panel are a few function buttons and a 0.25 x 1.25-inch LCD display. Operation in standalone mode is limited to copying, for which there are distinct buttons for color and monochrome copying. The screen merely indicates the number of copies or prints, the Wi-Fi status, and a few additional icons. You do not utilize the display to traverse configuration menus.

For configuration and other tasks, you’ll need to use a computer or mobile device. For instance, copy size adjustments must be made using the HP Smart app.
This basic printer lacks a duplexer for printing on both sides of a page, an automatic document feeder for copying multiple-page documents, and an automatic paper sensor, which are available on some high-end models.


2. Print Speed

In our tests, the DeskJet 2755e printed slower than the category average. Five pages of text were printed in 39.3 seconds, or 7.6 pages per minute (ppm). The average, in comparison, is 8.8 ppm. Likewise, the DeskJet lagged behind the industry average while printing our six-page PDF including mixed text and color images. The HP copied the material in three minutes and two seconds, or two pages per minute. The average for the category is 2.7 ppm.

At maximum resolution, the 2755e required 7 minutes and 8 seconds to produce 8-by-10-inch photo prints, which was significantly slower than its competitors. The category average was considerably less time, at 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

The DeskJet produced superior 4-by-6-inch photo prints using the default settings. The 2755e printed the document in 1 minute and 44 seconds, which was slightly faster than the average time of 1 minute and 48 seconds.

3. Copy and scan velocity

The DeskJet 2755e copied color documents slightly more slowly than average, and black-and-white copies were less impressive. It produced color copies in an average of 32.4 seconds, compared to 28 seconds for competing models. DeskJet’s black-and-white copying time of 25.1 seconds was significantly slower than the category average of 16.1 seconds.

Photo scanning was somewhat laborious. At 1 minute and 36 seconds to capture an 8-by-10-inch photo, it trailed behind the category average of 1 minute and 8 seconds. In contrast, the Canon MG3620 ($60) scanned the identical photo in 39.4 seconds.

4. Print quality

Papers printed with beautiful, sufficiently dark lettering. There were a few stray ink splatters along the margins of the letterforms and the lettering was a bit thick. Text printed by the HP was darker and slightly sharper around the edges in compared to that printed by the Canon MG3620.

Also, the DeskJet printed appealing graphics. The colors appeared natural, the transitions were seamless, and there was no obvious banding. However, the text in our PDF document appeared a little too thick and hazy at the corners. The sharper-looking text documents would be better for extended reading. To rule out software as the cause, we printed the PDF using both its native Adobe Acrobat program and HP Smart and obtained the same result.

Many times while copying, the 2755e pulled 10 or 12 sheets of paper through the machine simultaneously. Although this has only occurred twice, it does hint that paper feed issues may arise in the future.

The DeskJet 2755e produces high-quality photo prints. The inkjet successfully generated natural-looking colors, smooth transitions, and fine details. The DeskJet produced high-quality printouts across a variety of topic matter. Notably, the DeskJet tends to exaggerate red and yellow hues, resulting in a warmer appearance than the original image.

Important disclaimer regarding photo prints: borderless printing is not supported. There is no option to print borderless photos from HP Smart on Windows 10, Windows Photos, or the HP Smart app on an iPhone 7 for borderless photo printing. All photographs are printed with a border.

Similar to its photo prints, the documents were faithfully reproduced. Copies of magazine pages were faithful to the originals, reproducing sharp-looking text and color graphics that retained the original’s fine details. When converted to grayscale, the graphics maintained the smooth transitions of the original image’s colors.

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This inexpensive HP DeskJet offers good image quality and reasonable performance. It is a cost-effective option so long as you subscribe to an ink plan.

As irritating as the lack of borderless photo printing is the inaccuracy of the auto crop option when scanning with HP Smart. The software is too limiting for advanced users, but people with more fundamental needs will appreciate the excellent image quality of this inexpensive DeskJet.

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