Review iPad Mini 6 (2021) In Detail From A to Z

Mid-September 2021 saw the official unveiling of the iPad mini 6 at the California Streaming event. What are the highlights of the newest iPad model from Apple?

Pros and cons of iPad mini 6

Advantage Defect
Innovative design without the Home button Small screen only 8.3 inches
Using the most modern 5mm process A15 chip The camera is just enough to use
Affordable prices The screen border is still large

How much does ipad mini 6 cost?

In the US market, Apple’s latest iPad mini will start at $499 (about VND 11.3 million) for the lowest memory option of 128GB.

When returning to Vietnam, the product price will often increase by more than several million dong. Currently, there are retailers offering iPad mini 6 with prices from about 17 million VND.

How much does ipad mini 6 cost?
iPad mini 6 has the same starting price as previous generations

Design ipad mini 6: the smallest ipad that Apple has ever produced

iPad mini 6 has a lot of breakthrough improvements compared to the previous version in terms of appearance.

It finally said goodbye to the Home button, making the 4 sides of the device even. We now only have the Touch ID-enabled power button on the side. Initially, when we look at it, it will feel like a miniature iPad Air 4 rather than a later version of the iPad mini 5.

Besides, another big change is that the machine now has rounded edges instead of square, angular edges like before.

One more surprising information is that the 6th generation iPad mini has been shrunk, measuring only 195.4 x 134.8 x 6.3mm and weighing 293 grams. That made this device the smallest iPad Apple has ever produced. Even commented that the device can make users feel like the iPhone Pro Max is magnified. We can hold and use the iPad with one hand quite easily.

In terms of color, iPad mini 2021 offers a variety of options for customers. While the iPad is usually only available in silver or gray, the mini comes in a gray option and also comes in much brighter, dynamic colors like purple, pink, and starlight (which looks like cream).

Ipad mini 6 has 4 colors to choose from
Ipad mini 6 has 4 colors to choose from


iPad mini 2021 owns a very appreciated screen. The 8.3-inch screen is small, but has a resolution of 2266 × 1488 pixels, a pixel density as high as 326 ppi. This number is even higher than the 264 ppi screen of the iPad 9 or the 264ppi of  , although they are both much larger in size. The maximum brightness of the device is also impressive – 520 nits, comfortably used in the sun.

The iPad’s refresh rate is 60Hz, only half that of the same launched this time. So the gaming experience may not be as satisfying. Although introduced as a “borderless” device, in fact the 4 edges are still thick, so it does not create an impressive sense of focus as many people expect.

The screen ipad mini 6 has a resolution of 2266x1488
The screen has high brightness and resolution parameters


iPad mini 6 is one of the cheapest devices today equipped with A15 Bionic chip – the pride of Apple at present. This is the same processor as  . The chip of the iPad mini has a 6-core CPU and a 5-core graphics processor. According to the introduction, the device can split the screen and open at the same time with 12 Safari tabs on one side and a 1080p YouTube video on the other and still “delicious”.

In terms of battery life,  says the iPad mini 6 has “all-day battery life” but does not disclose specific parameters. It can work for 10 hours on a single charge. In terms of battery, this mini version beats the older iPad Air 4 or rival Samsung Tab A7 Lite and is only about 1 hour behind the larger iPad Gen 9.

Small in size, but this iPad mini also supports the Apple Pencil 2. Currently, the device does not have its own keyboard, but we can completely look forward to future products or use devices from 3rd parties.

iPad mini 6 is one of the cheapest devices today with A15 Bionic chip
The back image of the latest iPad mini


Camera is not a factor that is focused on investment because user demand is often not high but still enough to use. The main camera has a resolution of 12MP for good, clear and realistic image quality. The front camera of the device also has the same resolution of 12MP, comfortable for video calls or online learning and meetings.

Should I buy the iPad mini 6?

With a small size of only 8.3 inches, iPad mini 6 is a suitable product for those who like a compact tablet that is easy to carry around, can be put in a bag. The machine is more suitable for entertainment than work. In addition, if you do not want to invest too much money in a tablet device, this iPad mini is also very reasonable.

You can to get more specific information about the product you’re wondering about. The iPad mini 2021 as well as the new series of Apple’s new super products will quickly be available on store shelves in the near future.

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