Review Of The Amazon Kindle (2022): The E-Reader Of Choice

With the Kindle 2022 ($99), Amazon didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. E-readers may have all the bells and whistles they desire—my old Kindle Paperwhite included a 3G network for downloading while on the go—but ultimately, its only purpose is to enable reading. Let you to comfortably read a number of books on a single device, to be more precise.

So when Amazon made the decision to significantly update the Kindle, it came as a welcome surprise. In this most recent version, Amazon replaced the outdated micro-USB charging interface with a USB-C port, and the e-ink display’s resolution was increased to 300 pixels per inch (PPI).

Amazon Kindle: cost and specifications for 2022

I have good news if you are someone who is easily overwhelmed by options. There is only one $99.00 16GB model of the Amazon Kindle 2022 available. Nevertheless, there are only two color choices: black or denim. So you have options there as well if you want some. Despite the fact that my hands left fingerprints on the Kindle where I handled it, the Black model I tested was lovely.

Even though the cost increased by $10 from the Amazon Kindle’s (2019) $89 price point, at least you receive something for your money. At least some of the upgrades made by Amazon—the increased resolution and the conversion to USB-C—could support a price increase.

Kindle for Amazon (2022): Design

The design of the Amazon Kindle has consistently been rather straightforward, and the most recent version is no exception. Although the Kindle (2022) is 6.2 x 4.3 x 0.32 inches smaller than the Kindle (2019), you probably wouldn’t notice. It is still comfortable to grip, and at 5.56 ounces, it is even simpler to carry around.

In terms of additional physical features, it continues to be a simple device. There is nothing else on the device but a power button and a USB-C charging connection. Fair enough, nothing extra is actually necessary. Although some people like actual page-turn buttons, I personally don’t think the absence of those is a drawback.

The one design modification I would support is making the Kindle’s chassis IPX8 waterproof resistance qualified. Without undercutting the more costly Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which still has better lighting options and is bigger than the base 2022 Kindle, I believe Amazon could achieve this.

Kindle (2022) from Amazon:

The subpar display resolution of the Kindle’s previous edition was one of the main criticisms we had in our evaluation. The Amazon Kindle 2019 improved the display by adding four front lights, which makes reading easier and more energy-efficient, although it still had a very low resolution of just 167 ppi. That’s adequate for reading but obviously inferior to the other Kindle models in the lineup in terms of resolution.
With the Kindle, Amazon is reversing that now (2022). The enhanced 6-inch 300 ppi display on this Kindle is wonderfully comfortable for someone who previously used an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (3rd generation). The grayscale e-ink display looked great and was simple to read.

The fact that I thought the light was a little harsher than the warmer tones you can get on the Paperwhite was my greatest quibble. But, I discovered that after a little fiddling and activating the Kindle 2022’s dark mode, I was able to get at a pleasant viewing experience.

Amazon Kindle (2022): Features and user interface

The Kindle has a straightforward user interface that I found to be simple to use. Your home page, which features selected items from your library and suggestions from Amazon, is displayed when the Kindle first turns on. There is a search box as well, so you can look for content right from the main page.

There is a “Library” tab at the bottom that displays everything in your Kindle library. If you want to find an Audible audiobook or something you haven’t read yet, you can filter this library by clicking the filters icon, which is next to the search field.
Speaking of Audible, you can use Bluetooth on your Kindle to listen to your audiobooks. Although it may seem loud at first, I had no trouble connecting my headphones to the Kindle. Once you’re connected, be careful to adjust the volume using the Settings pull-down menu (accessible by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen). Only when Bluetooth is connected does the volume slider display.

Last but not least, we’ve talked extensively in previous reviews about how terrible Goodreads is—widely Amazon’s despised book-recommendation social network. Regrettably, it hasn’t completely disappeared. Although I haven’t used Goodreads much, there is a grating “About this book” pop-up that shows when you open a new book. Even though it’s not a Goodreads feature, the Kindle could do without this bothersome distraction. Yet, overall, Amazon didn’t overload me with diversions, so in that regard, it’s a great improvement over some of the earlier Kindles.

2022 Amazon Kindle battery life

Although the Amazon Kindle 2022’s 6-week battery life is shorter than the Kindle Paperwhite’s 10-week duration, it is still more than sufficient. Based on 30 minutes of reading per day with Wi-Fi turned off and the brightness set to 13, Amazon estimates that the Kindle can last six weeks on a single charge. Battery life will go below this amount when using the Bluetooth-based Audible audiobook streaming feature.
I can tell you that so far I’ve been impressed even though I haven’t tested the Kindle’s battery life as thoroughly as Amazon has (I haven’t even had six weeks to try to drain the battery). I haven’t had to charge it yet after using it for a time. Even while it might not last the whole six weeks as Amazon says, it won’t be by much.

Amazon Kindle (2022): Content The Kindle ecosystem has a lot of content, which is both a huge benefit and a drawback. It goes without saying that Amazon Kindles have access to the enormous Kindle Store and its millions of books. Also, you get access to Audible audiobooks, which you may use Bluetooth to listen to. You may even download a free eBook every month from Amazon’s handpicked list of new releases if you have an Amazon Prime account. Even free cloud storage for all Amazon stuff is available to you.
However, Amazon does everything in its power to keep you out of other ecosystems while while providing this richness of content. Via the Overdrive service, the Kindle can download eBooks from your public library, but other services (such Hoopla, which functions on Kindle Fire tablets, don’t operate on the Kindle 2022). Also, Google Books eBooks won’t function if you have any.

(2022) Amazon Kindle: Conclusion

For what it is, the Amazon Kindle (2022) is almost flawless, and some of its shortcomings are more attributable to Amazon than to the device itself. Although being confined to Amazon’s environment is a pain, the Kindle can’t truly be faulted for it.

It is not to argue that there aren’t any areas for improvement. The Kindle 2022’s lack of waterproofness is probably the main reason why I couldn’t give it more than four stars, and I terribly miss having control over how warm the display light is on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021). However, if you’re okay with using dark mode, it’s simple to get past that flaw. While I’m disappointed, I’m not surprised because if Amazon addressed those issues, there would be no need to purchase the Paperwhite.

Yet, when both are being sold at full price, the Kindle 2022 dethrones the Paperwhite as the most popular Kindle. The display is bright and clear, which is a significant improvement, and the battery lasts for a very long time. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. It’s difficult to recommend spending more than $99.99 on the Amazon Kindle 2022 unless you really need a waterproof Kindle.

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