Review Top 5+ Best Cheap Earbuds 2023

It’s not always true that more expensive earphones will provide superior performance. Finding the ideal product for your needs doesn’t have to break the bank because there are many options available at very low prices that can provide you a lot of value for your money.

Really Wireless Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2

The best earbuds we’ve tested that cost less than $50 are the Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless. These earphones are notable for having a long overall battery life, which makes them a fantastic choice for lengthy excursions. They have a battery life of more than seven hours on a single charge, but they also have a case that can contain an extra 12.5 charges, allowing you to top them up for almost 100 hours of use before having to recharge the case. They don’t have an app, unlike the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Really Wireless, which may disappoint you if you prefer to alter the sound of your headphones. Although their sound profile gives your audio a little more rumble, punch, and boom, it is still well-balanced enough for a range of content and genres.

They are effective in isolating you passively from background noise, but they struggle, like most earbuds without ANC, to muffle the deep rumble of bus and airplane engines. If you require earphones for your commute, the TOZO NC7 Really Wireless, which cost around the same and have an ANC system, would be a better option. They are excellent at isolating low-frequency noise, such as that from engines, but lack the Anker’s lengthy battery life because their carrying case can only accommodate a few additional charges.

Really Wireless Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2

The finest inexpensive alternative we’ve tested for customizing earbud sound profiles is the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Really Wireless. These earbuds offer a less neutral sound profile by default than the Sony WI-C310 Wireless, but you might prefer them if you like to alter the sound of your headphones. These function with a companion app that has presets for sound customisation as well as a graphic EQ. The onboard controls can also be remapped through the app. The earphones are reasonably well-fitting and of good construction.

They lack an ANC system, like the majority of the earbuds on this list, meaning they are less effective at dampening low-frequency noises like rumbling engines. Yet, they effectively block out a lot of background noise, such as office chatter or the hum of an air conditioner. They have a lower continuous battery life than certain alternatives in this price category, such as the JLab Audio GO Air POP True Wireless, at about 6.5 hours. The battery in the case, which can contain around three additional charges, may always be added to.

Wi-Fi C310 from Sony

The Sony WI-C310 Wireless are the best-sounding inexpensive earbuds we’ve tried. These neck cable headphones are neutral in sound despite having a touch more punch and warmth, giving them a flexible option for most types of audio. Vocals and lead instruments sound true and clear because, in contrast to the KZ ZSN, their mid-range is quite flat and even. Their treble range is seamless, ensuring that your mixes have the correct amount of brightness. They fit reasonably well, and when not in use, you can even sling them around your neck. The lengthy cables have a thin feeling and, if you’re not careful, could snag on something.

They can assist reduce background conversation and the high-pitched hum of an air conditioner, which is useful if you work in a busy office, despite the fact that they are not intended to block out commuter noise like the rumble of bus and airplane engines. While lacking any power-saving capabilities to aid preserve battery life when not in use, they also have a battery life of about 17 hours when used continually.


The KZ ZSN are the most affordable, well-made headphones we’ve tried. These wired earbuds feature a more durable build than the JLab Audio GO Air POP True Wireless because of their sturdy buds and braided audio cord. Furthermore removable, the cable makes replacement simple in the event of damage. These earbuds are available with or without an in-line microphone, and if you want to use them wirelessly, you can even buy a Bluetooth adaptor separately, though this may increase your costs. But, if you prioritize good audio quality or want a latency-free audio experience when streaming video, you could still favor a wired arrangement.

Vocals and lead instruments are bright, and their enthusiastic, v-shaped sound profile adds a little extra punch and warmth to the music. You won’t disturb anyone by playing audio at a loud volume if you like. Regrettably, they perform poorly in terms of noise isolation and struggle to muffle the deep rumbling of bus and airplane engines. Also, their fit is a little heavy, so if you have small ears, you might find them unpleasant.


The cheap earphones we suggest above are the ones we believe are currently the best for the majority of consumers in each price category. We take into account availability, visitor comments, and price (cheaper headphones prevail over more expensive ones if the price difference isn’t significant) (no headphones that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

Here is a list of every one of our reviews for earbuds and in-ears priced around $50 in case you want to make your own decision. Avoid getting sucked into the details. There are no headphones that are ideal. Your choice will be more influenced by your own preferences, tastes, and listening styles.

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