Samsung Galaxy Tab A Lite Review: Form A to Z

Tablet options are more limited than the wide variety of smartphones available, especially those priced under $5 million. At the moment, businesses only concentrate on the high-end tablet market, occasionally the mid-range.

Samsung bravely introduces a “delicious, nutritious, affordable” product with new features and a reasonable price for every family when only 4.49 million are produced. The low-cost market appears to have been overlooked.

Large screen, clear display

Owns a large screen size of 8.7 inches. This screen will allow you to entertain more comfortably than a smartphone. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Besides, using the 5:3 ratio and optimizing the edges  is what I appreciate on the Tab A7 Lite when products under 5 million have very thick borders. This optimization also helps Tab A7 have more area and become more luxurious and advanced.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Through a quick experience of entertainment tasks such as videos, watching movies, reading newspapers, the display details are at a sufficient level. Because this is a TFT LCD screen, it is somewhat understandable and of course in this price range we cannot expect the tablet to have a sharp, true

In addition, the entertainment on the tablet is also impressive when Samsung integrates Dolby Atmos surround sound with symmetrically placed speakers. Sound quality is more harmonious, balanced and realistic than ever. Therefore, watching movies on Tab A7 Lite is very “book”.

Design “look” is like immediately

Currently, cheap tablet products are also quite old because they have been released for a long time. Therefore, when you look at the Galaxy Tab A7, you will surely like it because of its modern design and luxurious colors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

It is known that this is also a tablet finished with monolithic aluminum, creating certainty and rigidity. While other products are still plastic, the aluminum material will help the machine have higher durability and aesthetics.

Overall Tab A7 Lite is not too “rugged”, weighs 371g, is 8mm thin, so you can also put it in your bag or backpack, take it anywhere, very convenient. The use of aluminum material and rough coating also helps limit fingerprints on Tab A7 Lite.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

How does the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite handle the task?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite owns Helio P22T processor, comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. With this chip, Tab A7 Lite will handle tasks at a stable level.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

For daily tasks such as surfing Facebook, watching news, watching movies, playing light games, it will be completely fine. However, you should consider heavy games, tablet handling is cumbersome and strenuous. If there is a “war” game like Lien Quan, you should leave it in medium mode.

How long does the 5,100mAh battery last?

In terms of battery capacity, this tablet has a 5,100mAh battery, supporting 15W fast charging. It sounds like the battery is not very impressive compared to the tablet market. However, what Tab A7 Lite owns is easy to understand with this battery. The HD + screen does not consume too much power, the processing tasks are quite light, so you can completely use it for a day.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite should buy and who should buy?

After experiencing, I found that this is a tablet inclined to light entertainment. Its advantage is a large screen that is clearer than a smartphone, a new, more modern design. and One UI 3.1 built-in , ensuring to receive many new updates for long-term use.

With these points, I think it is suitable for home users, helping you entertain comfortably but at a reasonable price. Therefore, to buy a tablet under 5 million for relatives, I will definitely buy Tab A7 Lite.

This is a cheap tablet suitable for users who need to equip their children for online learning and communication with their families. The product has a solid and thin metal body design, dual external speakers with high volume, good quality screen, quite long battery life and especially 4G SIM can be inserted to go online anytime, anywhere. . The drawback in tablets is that the performance is quite low, only temporary enough to meet the needs of general use. This may be the point where Samsung has to trade off to bring home users a tablet with a full basic experience at a price of just over 

And you, what do you think about Tab A7 Lite, please share with me!

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