Sennheiser Momentum 4: Modern Design, Comfortable Wearing With Young Music

The Momentum Wireless 4 is the newest noise-canceling headset from the Sennheiser company. With this model, Sennheiser has abandoned the traditional design of earlier devices in favor of a more contemporary one. The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 4 headset has a Bluetooth 5.2 chipset, supports aptX, aptX Adaptive, AAC, and SBC, and has a battery life of up to 60 hours. It is designed for users who love technology and is appropriate for current life. Touch controls totally take the role of the conventional buttons.


Depending on the taste and taste of each person, the Momentum Wireless 4 has a completely different design compared to the Momentum Wireless 3. The predecessors go in the classic and elegant direction, and the Momentum Wireless 4 uses the design language. Innovative, more youthful design.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (6).JPG

The overall headset is seamless, without revealing the wires connected to the two earcups like the previous life.

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The material of Momentum Wireless 4 is mainly plastic with rubber head cushion, metal earphone frame, ear cushions covered with artificial leather (the previous life was sheepskin).

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (13).JPG

The two earcups are also not too tight on the ears, so they can be used comfortably for a long time.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (14).JPG

The earcup of the headset is made of hard plastic, the surface is slightly rough, quite easy to stick to fingerprints and sweat

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (23).JPG

Momentum Wireless 4 cannot be folded, but can be rotated on both sides of the earcup to put it in the carrying case included in the kit.


The headphones use 42mm dynamic drivers, 60 ohms impedance and 106dB sensitivity.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (46).JPG

Compared to the previous generation, the Momentum Wireless 4 is much better at anti-noise, the smooth and comfortable wearing also contributes to increased noise resistance.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (35).JPG

Momentum Wireless 4 has adaptive noise cancelling, which means it will measure the noise intensity to automatically adjust the noise cancellation strength, not always at the highest level like Momentum Wireless 3, I tried it and found this feature to work. smooth, noise canceling intensity changes up and down in a pleasant way, does not cause tinnitus. Also because of Adaptive Noise Canceling, the battery of the new Momentum Wireless 4 is “buffalo”, up to 60 hours.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (42).JPG

In addition, the Momentum Wireless 4 also has a crosstalk feature to hear the surrounding sound without removing the headset. You can wear the headset all day, communicate with people without taking off the headset.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (37).JPG

Momentum Wireless 4 no longer uses a physical joystick, but instead is a touch control. The only physical key retained is the power key (also the Bluetooth connection key). The control operations are not too strange, for example, tap once to stop/play music, swipe forward/back to skip songs, swipe up/down to increase or decrease the volume. A quick double tap switches between noise cancellation and crosstalk. Sennheiser also programmed a “zoom” operation on the touchpad to customize noise cancellation and crosstalk performance.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (23).JPG

The Momentum Wireless 4’s protective case accessory is very sturdy and sturdy, providing much better protection than the soft cloth bag of the previous generation. Accessories come with a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm cord, charging using a USB-C port. The time to fully charge the headset is 2 hours, but it supports fast charging, 5 minutes is 4 hours.

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (34).JPG

Regarding conversation, it can be said that Momentum Wireless 4 eats out Momentum Wireless 3. The two sides of the earcup are two beamforming microphones, they capture the speaker’s voice and filter the voice very well in a quiet environment, and only reduce the call quality once. a bit when used in a noisy environment like when I’m on the street. The headset also supports simultaneous connection to 2 devices.

The Sennheiser Smart Control companion app (Android and iOS) allows users to customize EQ, reduce howls, update firmware, customize noise cancellation, and set up “sound zones,” a profile that switches automatically as you arrive. familiar locations (GPS/Location Service required).

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (47).JPG

Momentum Wireless 4 has a much different sound than Momentum Wireless 3. M4 sounds bright, fast and has a more compact speed than its predecessor, suitable for those who like to listen to rock, metal, pop, edm, generally vibrant genres. Her bass is very strange, the way it beats strong, round and firm but it is completely behind the other sound bands and gives me the feeling of bass like hitting from the left / right ears, when listening to Linkin Park or Daft Punk, the feeling of the bass is strong and strong, but it lacks depth. Listening to Hoang Thuy Linh’s Link album (her latest album, which has just been scored by PitchFork to 7.2 points), it is easy to see that Momentum Wireless 4 is really a headset for young music genres: midrange backwards, treble is pushed higher but not dazzling, creating vitality, dynamism and brightness.

Well, the High-end Tuning feature inherent on Momentum Wireless 3 is no longer available on Momentum Wireless 4 😁

Tinhte_sennheiser_momentum_4_tai_nghe_chong_on_bluetooth_final (36).JPG

According to what I have experienced, Momentum Wireless 4 is much better than its predecessor in noise resistance, conversation, connectivity, and longer wearing comfort (because the slide of Momentum Wireless 3 used for a long time is worn out. should exercise, nod to the music, it is easy to slip the earcup). As for the sound, it’s hard to judge which one is better when I’ve only heard it for a few days, but what I’ve received is quite positive.

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