SoundMagic E11BT Review: Form A to Z

The new E11BT in-ear headphones from SoundMagic are among of the best low-cost headphones available today. They replace the company’s well-liked E11 series of in-ear headphones. In fact, we’d say that these are the greatest headphones available for someone on a budget. The E11BT are connected to your device by Bluetooth and have a similar look and feel to their predecessors. They are also connected by a robust neckband.

They cost £69.99 (about $90 or AU$125), however as of right now, it appears that you can only buy them in Europe. There is no information on when you will be able to buy them in other regions.

Here is our review of the new wireless earphones after using them.


The E11BTs have a similar appearance to the corded E11Cs, but there is a significant change in that the earbuds are now connected by a neckband and communicate wirelessly with your device. Because of its flat shape and strong construction, the neckband is cozy next to your neck.

They have an all-black design that makes them appear more “sporty” than the E11C’s, and they have an IPX4 waterproof classification, which means they will be safe from little splashes and sweaty training sessions, but you should never take them into the shower with you after a run.

The bullet-shaped earbuds are exceptionally compact, light, and stylish-looking, and they are part of the E11 series. The left and right buds each have an aluminum shell that bears the SoundMagic logo and the model number.

The magnetic connection between the two earbuds on the E11BT wireless earphones is a convenient feature that allows you to hang them around your neck while not in use.

You may find the inline remote, which has volume buttons and a “multifunction” button, around two inches below the left earpiece. You can answer calls, pair the headphones with your device, and control your music using the multipurpose button.

A micro-USB port for charging the E11BTs is also located on the side of the inline remote; SoundMagic supplies a USB cable in the box. A tiny LED on the inline remote will glow red while the earphones are charging; when they are fully charged, the red light will turn off and be replaced by a blue one.

Overall, the E11BTs retain the sleek design of earlier versions in the series while cutting the cord; they look quite nice and continue to feature SoundMagic’s renowned small housing design. Here is our review of the new wireless earphones after using them.

Features and performance

Typically, the audio quality delivered by the E11Bts is really good, with an incredible level of sonic strength for such small earbuds.

Using specially tuned drivers, Fleet Foxes’ “Blue Ridge Mountains” has crystal-clear and smooth vocals. Because dynamic drivers move relatively huge volumes of air as they vibrate, they also produce a lot of bass. On Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights,” we gave them a go, and we were impressed by the resonant bass and luscious synth strings.

Treble frequencies are sharp and crystal-clear, with a good level of attack – they can occasionally come across as a little harsh, so if you’re looking for a warmer sound stage, you might want to try the true wireless Earin M-2s, which have similar sized buds but feature balanced armature drivers instead of dynamic drivers.

It’s vital to make sure you’re using the correct-sized eartips while using the E11BTs, as a good fit boosts the sound ten-fold, as well as enhancing the sound isolation — they come with three different eartips, so you should be able to find a decent fit with a little of trial and error.
The sound isolation is fairly decent for in-ear headphones; if you keep your music blaring you’ll be pretty well-insulated from bothersome surrounding sounds. We also tried listening to podcasts with the E11BTs, and while the sound isolation was less immediately noticeable in when listening to dialogue, the noise from a loud train carriage was decreased enough for us to hear speech effectively.

We had no issues with connectivity when using the E11BTs, and controlling playback using the inbuilt remote worked perfectly. In fact, pairing the E11BTs with our smartphone was a cinch.

You might be worried about how secure these in-ears feel if you’re considering about purchasing them to use when exercising or running. Usually speaking, they fit rather securely into your ear, but if you’re worried about the buds coming out in the middle of a run, you might want to try a pair with wingtips that fit into your ear conch for further stability.

Overall, the E11BTs are incredibly pleasant to wear, even for lengthy periods of time. SoundMagic says that these headphones can withstand continuous playback for 20 hours; while this is likely not at full volume, we kept them on continuously for roughly five hours and found that the battery scarcely decreased at all.

Final verdict

The SoundMagic E11BTs are a really capable pair of wireless in-ear earbuds, and given their inexpensive cost, it’s pretty hard to criticize them. The audio quality is excellent, and they have an incredibly classy appearance. They’re easy to wear while working out or running thanks to ergonomic eartips and a flat neckband that won’t irritate you, and with an IPX4 classification, they should endure sweaty workouts.

Although the possibility to add wingtips would be a nice addition for people who prefer a bit extra stability when listening on the run, they generally feel comfortable.

20 hours is a respectable battery life, and with the supplied micro-USB cord, they can be fully charged in just two hours.

The SoundMagic E11BTs are a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a great pair of affordable neckband earphones; let’s hope they soon make their way outside of Europe.

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