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The world has been watching Ukraine’s defiant resistance to the Russian occupiers for the third week in a row, and our editorial board covers the subject in news and articles every day. But before that (at least two weeks have passed, yet it seems like it occurred yesterday), we used to discuss intriguing technology and IT news here. And right now, I really want to unwind a bit.

Today, we’ll discuss the TCL Tab Max 10.4 tablet, which was released by the company in the middle of last month (and ironically, it was sent to me on February 24). This is a typical tablet with a big screen, stereo speakers, acceptable performance, respectable battery life, and no SIM card support. See what and for whom this tablet might be interesting.
The TCL Tab Max 10.4 is positioned and priced in the center of the price range for tablets. It boasts good memory (6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of extendable ROM), mid-range technology that is rather responsive, and a passable screen. The item is available through the official brand store on AliExpress for $277 in basic configuration (which only contains a tablet and a charger), and for $360 in maximum configuration (which also includes a case, a keyboard, and a stylus). And for this sum, what will the customer receive?

Set for delivery

The tablet comes packaged neatly in a box made of sturdy white cardboard that bears the device’s name and a picture on the front. In addition to the TCL Tab Max 10.4, the test model that is featured in our review also comes with a charger, a cable, some waste paper, and a paper clip for the memory card slot. We will analyze the tablet using what we have since there isn’t a stylus or keyboard.

TCL Tab Max 10.4’s style

The TCL Tab Max 10.4’s design matches where it is supposed to be placed. The tablet has a good, relatively slim body, but it doesn’t use quality materials, and there aren’t any standout design features.

The Tab Max 10.4 is only available in the color gray. The item has dimensions of 247.80 157.56 7.65 mm and weighs 470 g. It rests pleasantly in the hands and has a light, slender feel. The tablet’s plastic body has radial notches that, when viewed from various angles, create a stunning fusion of various gray tones. The case’s rough surface serves a practical purpose by hiding fingerprints.
The front panel’s screen takes up 83.2% of the space. The frames that surround the display are generally homogeneous and well-kept. In reality, there isn’t much else particularly intriguing on the front, where the front camera is customarily placed in the top center.

Place of the components

The case seems and feels even thinner than it is because of the sidewalls’ smooth, rounded chamfers (they are also plastic). On them, the primary components are situated as follows. Above the screen, there are volume controls, a microphone hole, a light sensor, and a memory card slot. The lower edge is blank.

Screen for TCL TAB Max 10.4

The 10.36-inch FHD IPS screen on the TCL TAB Max boasts a high resolution of 1200 x 2000 pixels, which means you can enjoy any content on the tablet with good color accuracy, sufficient brightness, and increased response accuracy. Its screen won’t let you down. Although the bezels around the screen are not very narrow, they provide a nice experience. The greatest screen you can get on a cheap tablet is this one, which offers accurate color reproduction and no image distortion for pleasant reading or viewing.


The TCL TAB Max 10.4 runs on nearly stock Android 11. It has minimal pre-installed bloatware, full-screen gesture navigation controls, dark themes, split-screen view, and most of the standard features. The most significant of these is the inclusion of all Google services, which makes using the tablet more convenient and individualized.

As I always say, the stock Android operating system is best for affordable devices, with a simple and smooth launcher for better performance, especially it’s without pre-installed apps or games, which I really hate because of the excessive amount of ads, but has only TCL Kids, designed for children aged three to fifteen and featuring parental controls in addition to cartoons, storybooks, audio stories, STEM lessons, and a ton of puzzles.
Performance of TCL TAB Max
When it comes to performance, the TCL TAB Max 10.4 offers great performance for the majority of its basic and entertainment uses, including web browsing, YouTube video watching, social media application use, and e-book reading. Everything worked smoothly and without any issues with applications stopping or high degrees.

Cameras, TCL TAB Max 10.4,

The TCL TAB Max tablet has received excellent reviews overall, but this does not mean that it is perfect. In terms of the front and back cameras, you can say it’s bad, not significantly different from other tablets; the back contains a 13.0MP Sensor with 1080p video recording; this camera is functional, but you will primarily use it because the quality is inferior to that of a smartphone released in recent years.

In short, this tablet is not designed for photography, and I have nothing else to complain about because this kind of device’s cameras are typically as awful. Nonetheless, I should have forewarned you of this. To display the greatest output from both cameras, lighting is crucial.


The TCL TAB Max 10.4 is a mid-range tablet, and there are not many differences between it and its rivals. However, I believe it to be one of the best cheap tablets in 2022, with a good processor, ample memory of 256GB, 6GB RAM, support for fast charging 18W, and a 2K screen. However, these features do not make it perfect, as it lacks a fingerprint reader, has a poor camera, and cannot play Netflix in HD resolution. As we previously noted, this tablet is compared to others from well-known manufacturers, like the Alldocube iPlay 40H, Teclast T40 Pro, and BMAX MaxPad I11, and it offers comparable features and performance, or in some cases is even better. Yet, we discover a $50 or more pricing discrepancy. I’ll go into more detail about this in the following comparison table.

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